Looking for Landseer Postcard | Zazzle #Sold! #Cataract

Good News and Bad News. Again

As some of you already know, I had a successful cataract operation on my right eye yesterday morning. It was a relief to get it done. It will take a while for the sight to settle down and I know from previous experience that I’ll have a bit of double vision to contend with. However, it was a quick and painless experience and no overnight stay as it was in Crete nearly 18 months ago with the left eye.

Talking of the left eye, they removed a stitch but it wasn’t one that had been causing problems and I was left with Trump’s lips! I queried it and forced them to look again. It could be many things, the surgeon said, but there was nothing they could do about it. I’m not going to leave it at that but get a second opinion from the surgeon with whom I had the original consultation. What can I say but repeat that it’s the story of my life from womb to now!

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Source: Looking for Landseer Postcard | Zazzle

Take care and keep laughing!


42 thoughts on “Looking for Landseer Postcard | Zazzle #Sold! #Cataract

    1. Here’s hoping, Janet! I think I need some magic wands waved. At the moment I can’t open the drops I’m supposed to add four times a day. Never ends. Excuse me while I pop next door to the pub to get help. 🙂 xx


  1. I’m glad you’ve got the one eye working and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the second, but I’ve been functioning with one good eye for a while now and, although it makes me nervous not to have anything to fall back on, it all works well enough for the time being.

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    1. I empathise. I haven’t seen well out of either eye since 2012! The frustration is that it should be good in the left eye but both the Greek system and latterly the delays in the NHS have b*****d it up. If not, I’d have two good eyes and seeing properly for the first time in decades. Can you tell how angry I am? Another black mark for the unspeakable Conservatives. Keep calm, Sarah, and keep laughing!


  2. Good to hear the new operation went well. Fingers crossed on the second opinion. I’ll make no comments on the NHS (I’d never end). Thinking of you and hoping for more and more sales. ♥

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  3. I was really pleased to hear about another sale, but obviously less so about the left eye. I am hoping that the right eye has been a success, and that things will soon improve, albeit not completely at the moment.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. It certainly seems to have been. I’m not getting the double vision which they warned might be the case for a day or so. That went on for months in Crete. In fact, it was still slightly evident when I returned a year ago last month. I originally wrote the name of the month but couldn’t bear to see HER name!

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  4. I’m glad your cataract surgery went well, though I wish that had been the end of it! I hope a second opinion gives you some reliable info. Keep going until you are happy with the answers. Anything to get rid of Trump lips!

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  5. A wonky eye op is one of the most irritating things I can imagine and I cannot imagine how inconvenient and distressing it is so I really hope they manage to sort it out. I always thought these operations were pretty routine so I’m really sad on your behalf that this has gone wrong. Thoughts are with you x

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    1. Bless you, Peter. The one done here yesterday was a breeze and is already looking (forgive pun) excellent. I knew I should have come back to the UK for the previous one instead of leaving it to what turned out to be a dodgy Greek ophthalmologist. Thanks for your support. x


  6. I am glad that this process is over!

    And there is probably something worse than “Trump’s lips”, but for the life of me, I cannot think of what that is,

    Take good care,

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  7. Glad that’s behind you, Sarah, and something I’m not looking forward to. Trump’s lips ~ omg I’d be mortified! But I guess it’s better than looking like a fern head 🙂 ❤

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  8. so happy for that pub, sarah…. opportunity knocks, run for it. now about trump’s lips… ummm, well that is simply not acceptable and i’m fairly certain everyone is going to agree. i thought you meant perhaps an allergy of some sort but it would seem that it would be clearing up by now. how in the world did that happen!? you are an inspiration, my dear, trumpet lips or otherwise. 😉

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    1. Thank you, Christine. I had the all-clear for the right eye this afternoon and there’s going to be a follow-up appointment about the left but not for about 3 months.They’ll probably do some more laser treatment. I shall keep squeaking!


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