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Rogues & Vagabonds
Rogues & Vagabonds

“…in medieval Britain, actors were called rogues and vagabonds. And we are all actually rogues and vagabonds – no matter how we look tonight.” — Helen Mirren, SAG Awards, 2002

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren

11 thoughts on “Theatre, Film & TV

  1. Helen Mirren is brilliant, to me the British counterpart to Meryl Streep. She takes such versatile roles; and so much soul seems to go into the characters she portrays.

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  2. My first memory of Helen Mirren was in the movie 2010, playing the Russian commander of the .spaceship. I’ve enjoyed her performances ever since. I do like you site. Just the things I covet. I am a big fan of Victorian and Edwardian times. If only I had a time machine. Just stopping by, but I’ll be back. I want to thank you for following me. Lucy Conrad

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