Okay, so (as Gigi might say), I have a problem. I find it ironic that only a day or so after discussing The Art of Taking a Break with Teagan and the difficulty thereof, I am being forced into a break by the condition of my eyes.

Many of you know that I had a cataract operation on my left eye in January while still living in Crete. The stitches were not the dissolving kind and while the surgeon removed some of them, one was left. No problem, I thought; however bad the NHS has become courtesy of the Tories’ destructive tendencies, I’ll get it sorted in England.

I am still waiting for a referral. That wouldn’t be so bad if the burgeoning cataract in my right eye had not increased in intensity in a very short space of time.


The worst of it is, though, that when I woke up on Wednesday morning, the stitch in the left eye had appeared to shift making it impossible to see with any consistency or clarity. It’s not even a question of magnification as the stitch (or whatever else is at play) is cutting a path through everything. I can almost work something out with the aid of my magnifying glass but it’s awfully tiring, my darlings.

I will not be blogging, visiting or commenting for the foreseeable future. If you knew how long it has taken me to write this post, you would order me to step away from the computer and put down the magnifying glass and you would be right to do so!

I’m seeing my GP tomorrow and will not leave the surgery until I’ve seen him chase up the eye department at the hospital.

Take care and keep laughing!


Thousands of women died because of the highly flammable nature of crinoline skirts. (Photo: WELLCOME LIBRARY, LONDON/CC BY 4.0)

As a literary genius and master of wit, Oscar Wilde has fascinated the world since he first started writing. There is one area of his life, however, which remained in obscurity until the 1940s, and which continues to be a mystery: The horrifying death of his half-sisters.

The existence of Emily and Mary Wilde, the illegitimate daughters of Sir William Wilde, was kept hidden from…

Source: The Strange Secret Behind the Tragic Deaths of Oscar Wilde’s Half-Sisters | Atlas Obscura

After William Hogarth, A Scene from the Beggar’s Opera, 1728/29, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

In an ironic twist of fate this painting by William Hogarth, which was donated to the Nation…

Source: The Fake’s Progress – Washington ‘Hogarth’ revealed as a forgery | The Printshop Window

Searching The Sands Galaxy S6 Case for Sale by Sarah Vernon. Protect your Galaxy S6 with an impact-resistant, slim-profile, hard-shell case. The image is printed directly onto the case and wrapped around the edges for a beautiful presentation. Simply snap the case onto your Galaxy S6 for instant protection and direct access to all of the phone’s features!

Source: Searching The Sands Galaxy S6 Case for Sale by Sarah Vernon

Those of you  who know I’m having trouble with my eyes will have realised that I’ve been cheating when it comes to liking posts in the last few days. In other words, I’m still not able to read through screeds of text but I’m clicking ‘like’ since it’s important to me to show my support.

As it’s easy to reblog a product or two from my galleries without worrying about reading or writing text, that’s what I’m going to do for a while. After all, a girl’s gotta earn a living so I need to promote my work.

The Criterion Theatre Greeting Card for Sale by Sarah Vernon. Our premium-stock greeting cards are 5″ x 7″ in size and can be personalised with a custom message on the inside of the card. All cards are available for worldwide shipping and include a money-back guarantee.

Source: The Criterion Theatre Greeting Card for Sale by Sarah Vernon


The other day I was studying an old photograph that I had taken while on holiday in Crete of the Venetian Harbour in Chania. I was wondering what I could do with it.  In fact, I’d been lookin…

Source: Four Works: Digital Art, Master Photographers & Vintage Delights

Rethinking Life

If you just want to see the art and what it can do, skip to the middle of the talk.  That way there won’t be any triggers.  The end is important for those looking to help themselves heal.  She has see thousands of successes, which is a truly wonderful thing.

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Vintage Puss in Boots Christmas Montage Wrapping Paper
Vintage Puss in Boots Christmas Montage Wrapping Paper
by FirstNightDesign

I know you don’t want to hear this but some people are already preparing for Christmas, as witness my selling Vintage Puss in Boots Christmas Montage Wrapping Paper.

Available at the following galleries:
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Take care and keep laughing!


When John George Brown immigrated from England to New York in 1853, he was a struggling portrait painter making a living as a glass cutter. [“The Gang,” 1894] Brown made his way to Broo…

Source: New York’s painter of “cheery street urchins” | Ephemeral New York

“It is my deepest wish that photography, instead of falling in the domain of industry, of commerce, will be included among the arts. That is its sole, true place, and that is the direction th…

Source: “It is my deepest wish that photography…will be included among the arts.” – Art of Quotation

On the 7th of October 1849 Edgar Allan Poe died in Baltimore, America. He was one of the world’s most renowned crime and horror writers, credited also with inventing the detective and science ficti…

Source: Edgar Allan Poe: Death in a Gutter | A R T L▼R K

FROM THE ARCHIVE 18th October 2014

My own textures and photographs, along with some Photoshop brushes, went into creating this image which, you will not be surprised to learn, is geared for…

Source: First Night Design | Gravestone Hell #Halloween | First Night Design


When words failed her, Inge Morath turned to photography. Born in Austria in 1923, she studied German in Berlin, eventually working as a translator and journalist there early in her career. …

Source: In Inge Morath’s photographs, Womanhood is beautiful and urgent – The Last Island

While you don’t see them very often these days, fore-edge paintings were once some of the loveliest book illustrations around. Literally, they were around the edges of the book.

A fore-edge painting refers to an image painted or drawn on the closed leaves of a book. While covering the collected page edges in gold or…

Source: Lovely Hidden Paintings Adorned the Edges of Historic Books | Atlas Obscura

I was surprised to discover that I have never added Beulah, Peel Me A Grape to this blog. Or the WordPress search isn’t working properly! Do I need to tell you where the title comes from? No, I thought not.

While you can find all kinds of gifts and products with this design in my other online galleries (as in the links below), I have chosen to feature what is available at Fine Art America.

And now I’m going to go back on my avowed intention and show you a Rickshaw Messenger Bag from Zazzle because I like it so much!

Vintage lady and grapes courtesy of The Graphics Fairy with my own textures added.

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America [14 fulfillment centers in 5 countries]
Saatchi Art

Take care and keep laughing!


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