A Christmas story…

More enchantment from Gigi at Rethinking Life.

Rethinking Life

Man in Brown Coat Smoking Cigarette

“My mom said smoking is bad for people.”

The man looked down and saw a young girl.  “How old are you?” he asked.

“I’ll be seven.  How old are you?”

“A lot older than that,” he laughed.  “And you’re mother is right.  Smoking is bad for people.”

“If you know that, then why are you smoking?”

“It’s a bad habit.”

“I’m trying to stop chewing gum.  My mom said that’s a bad habit.”

“We have a lot of bad habits, don’t we,” he said, taking a long drag.

“My mom said her bad habit is eating all day long.  She said she’s a grazer, whatever that means.  And my dog has a bad habit too.  He likes to sit at the table with us at dinner time.  On a chair.”

“That sounds pretty cute, if you ask me.”

“I’m the one who taught him to do it.”

The man laughed. …

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