First Night Design | ABFriday – July | Photo Challenge

Capitol Hill by Robin Kent

I discovered Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing when Joanne of Coffee Fuels My Photography took part in Stacy’s monthly After-Before Friday (ABFriday) challenge, which happens every first Friday of the month. The idea is to download the given image and cast your spell with post-processing. The image for July was provided by Robin Kent.

The deadline for July’s submission was some days ago but I thought I would nevertheless see what I could come up with. As regular followers know, I rarely plan or have anything specific in mind so that the result can be a complete surprise. Here it is.


I overlaid the image with two textures. The first was 2LO Haunting 5 from Denise Love at 2 Lil’ Owls, bought via Design Cuts. I cycled through Photoshop’s blending modes without finding anything that looked remotely interesting. I left it at ‘colour burn’ and searched through my own backgrounds. I chose a grungy green created for His Master’s Voice. I reduced the opacity to 87% and tried ‘colour burn’ for this as well, which gave Capitol Hill a gold, bronze and red feel which appealed to me.

I’m also rather fond of the green-grunge-only effect.


I hope to enter the challenge next month for real.

Click here to see the submissions for July and here for the rules.

Take care and keep laughing!


16 thoughts on “First Night Design | ABFriday – July | Photo Challenge

  1. I’m adding “muse” to my resume now, lol! Isn’t this an interesting challenge though? Love what you did in that second image, so wish I understood more about Photoshop. Any chance I could come over when Janet does to look over your shoulder, lol?!

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  2. I like both treatments and couldn’t pick a favourite. This is a great example of showing how colour can change the atmosphere of a photo.

    Good luck when you enter the photo challenge “for real”!

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  3. Hi, Sarah! I followed your pingback and am honored you chose to “participate” in this month’s challenge with Robin’s wonderful image 🙂 I always love to see what others accomplish in Photoshop. I love the color palette you chose and, of course, that the Capitol stands out in all its glory! I’m looking forward to including your submission in next month’s gallery 😉 Send me an email and I’ll happily send you the image links once the August image is revealed on July 24! Again, many thanks.

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