First Night Design | Save the Elephant

‘Another elephant?’ I hear you cry. Or even, ‘Yet another elephant?’ Yes, yet another elephant but very different from the last. One day soon, when poaching, trafficking and killing for pleasure have  been eradicated from the planet and the herds are increasing, I hope we’ll be saying the same thing with delighted relief.

Save the Elephant © First Night Design
Save the Elephant © First Night Design

This magnificent creature comes originally from Wikimedia, that great repository of public domain images.

Elephants [Wikimedia]
Elephants [Wikimedia]

You might imagine that I added a layer of black in Photoshop to create the effect, this is not so. I duplicated the elephant to the power of four and used several of my backgrounds and textures. By playing around with blending modes, I was able to create the effect of an elephant coming out of the darkness.

I just might do something with the baby elephant next!

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Take care and keep laughing!


28 thoughts on “First Night Design | Save the Elephant

      1. People may realise that elephants and other animals are being killed but they feel disconnected to problems seemingly far away. I know this when I talk to my friends at home to help save the rainforest and animals. Most people are interested in their own immediate universe like their shoes. We recently had a drought here and had water cuts. Suddenly the rainforest became relevant because it is where the water catchment areas are for the reservoirs. We need to not only raise awareness but connect the dots…

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  1. The levels of emotional awareness elephants display between themselves, and the cruelty and stupidity which is so often and sadly evidenced in our behaviour towards them is one of those things which makes me sad and slightly pessimistic about our future on this planet

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