First Night Design | One Man and His Dog #Repost

FROM THE ARCHIVE 21 February 2014. I’m reblogging this post as a follow-up to yesterday’s Magnificent Mongrel image.

This exquisite watercolour of one man and his dog was a special commission. The artist is Janet Weight Reed. The subject is Mr FND with our dog Pisch.

In the twenty years we have been together, we have rarely been able to give each other birthday presents. Let us say it has been the norm more often than not to let the occasions pass us by with barely a nod; finding money for food and utility bills has taken precedence.

I determined that last winter would be different because our circumstances were changing. Mr FND was in London selling our flat and as soon as we exchanged contracts, I emailed Janet asking if she would be able to paint a watercolour in time for 19th December if I sent her a photograph.

She could, she would and she did!

It was at this point that…

Source: First Night Design | One Man and His Dog 

23 thoughts on “First Night Design | One Man and His Dog #Repost

  1. Good morning dear Sarah….how lovely to find ‘one man and his dog’ here this morning….Thank you so much for this. I am both delighted and honoured to have been part of such a birthday surprise. It’s actually beautifully sunny here in London this morning, (albeit very cold) and so your post, coupled with sunshine is a very lovely way for me to begin my Monday morning. Keep smiling my friend….Janet:)xxx

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      1. I have just seen the photograph of Pisch….what a little angel…and little ‘General’. He looks as if he is in full control of his domain. Yes, what a surprise the sunshine was….I am afraid we are back to very grey today!…..but surely this too shall pass…..soon. Janet:)xxx

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        1. It was sunny here this morning but now it’s grey. Had hospital appointment this morning and Pisch always knows where we’re going and immediately reacts with whimpering because he thinks I’m going to be gone for days, bless him.

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