Vintage Eye Salve Advertisement © Sarah Vernon

First Night Design | Vintage Eye Salve for Modern Cataract

Vintage Eye Salve Advertisement © Sarah Vernon
Vintage Eye Salve Advertisement © Sarah Vernon

Well, my dear friends and followers and anyone who’s along for the ride, my cataract operation is done but not quite dusted. I have multifarious drops — or salves, if you like — that have to be administered every two to three hours and every eight hours, and only discovered at my first outpatient appointment on Tuesday that there are stitches to be taken out in a month or two. What? Stitches? Why did no one mention that before? No, they’re not the kind that can dissolve. Of course not. Why would I be that lucky?

And that’s not all. I have double vision which is going to take a while to settle. It’s marginally better but my endurance is wearing thin.

In a bit of synchronicity, I sold this Vintage Eye Salve Advertisement last week while I was in the hospital. When I originally posted about it, some of you were a little freaked out. There is a market for it! Perhaps it’s been bought as a ‘get well’ card for somebody else who’s just had a cataract operation.

Talking of drops…

A little scene from a Scrapbook made for me as a child. © Sarah Vernon
A little scene from a Scrapbook made for me as a child. © Sarah Vernon

Take care and keep laughing!


53 thoughts on “First Night Design | Vintage Eye Salve for Modern Cataract

  1. Oh dear Sarah….I am laughing and hope that you can continue to keep smiling throughout this hiccup in life:) I would imagine that there is a huge market for your eye salve design….so many people having the op…and it’s a way to bring smiles on people’s faces. I also love the scene from your childhood scrapbook….it immediately took me back to the days when we all had scrap books…and how cherished they were.
    I hope people are coming in to help out with your drops etc….and meanwhile, I will send magical hummingbirds through the ether for quick healing. Sending love, Janet. xxx

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  2. Oh, Sarah, you sound remarkably cheerful despite the problems and made me laugh, even while I shuddered. I terribly squeamish about eyes and dread the day I’ll need cataract surgery. I cannot put drops in my eyes and make it quite difficult for anyone trying to help. I have an age-related dry eyes condition but instead of drops I use a spray on the outside of my eyelids. Hope the double vision settles soon.
    I like your scrapbook page. I made one for my son when he was small, which he called his ‘sticky book’.

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    1. I love making people laugh, Mary, so you’ve made my day. The op and recovery is a lot better than when I had a hip replacement four years ago so I thank my blessings. I don’t believe cataracts are a given, though if your parents had them, then they probably are!

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  3. It seems to be an ad for eyelids glued together, so an alternative to warm water. Intriguing. Reminds me of an article about 18th century gents coming home legless after drinking guava punch. IN the morning their wives had to bathe their mouths with warm water to unglue them. Or perhaps not. Silence is golden, after all.

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  4. Sarah, I want to feature you on friday friends in the future, can I use one of the pictures of your art to put with the post? Let me know if there is one that you want me to use or if I can! I appreciate your support given how busy you are it means allot!

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  5. Glad you’re on the road to recovery. I’d forgotten completely about scrapbooks – made one for each of the children up to the age of ten! Mind you they’re all marching steadily towards forty these days.- I’m allowed to forget.J

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  6. Oh, Sarah,
    How I sympathise!
    What journey for your mindful eyes!
    How hard with such creative wealth
    To save some patience for yourself.
    Think every drop the sunny vision
    Of your spirit’s disposition.
    Let your mind not stitch your fix
    With dizzy doubts in duplicate
    But let your psyche, in transition,
    Trust the process in position.

    May every day find you a little better, Sarah. xXx

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  7. Cute eye-salve ad (if a little creepy 🙂 I hope you are doing better and your vision is stabilizing. It’s amazing what they can do these days to support our eyes but it does take a bit for the sight to recover. Take care, Sarah 🙂

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  8. Glad to hear the operation is done, but STITCHES?! Who knew!

    Also – at the risk of sounding like somebody’s mother – be sure to take care of those eyes and don’t overwork them. We need you to be creating wonderful art.

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        1. It’s because I moved back to Blighty in the middle. Tried to get them to do something when in Berkshire, mind you, but they didn’t seem to think it was urgent. Frustrating to say the least.


            1. Thank you. It sounds like you didn’t get my email reply a few weeks ago. Those friends turned into the bullies from hell (ADHD) and kicked me out. I’ll search out the email and re-send. It pushed me right to the edge and I’m still trying to recover.


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