Two enterprising women, Melanie and Gigi, have created an excellent initiative, Artists 4 Peace. ‘Artists using intelligence and creativity to foster and spread peace and love throughout the world. We can work TOGETHER to bring about change!’

Everyone is welcome to take part, ‘whether your medium is paint, poetry, yarn, music or pottery YOU can be part of the movement’. Simply publish a blog post with relevant content and email the link to:

Your post will then be re-blogged.

UPDATE 16-07-14: The paragraph below no longer obtains. The site was getting so many hits and so much exposure that they decided a logo needed to be in place as soon as possible and they chose ahead of time.

[At the moment Artists 4 Peace is welcoming submissions for a logo — yes, that’s my submission above! Email your design by 20 July and there will be a vote to decide the winning logo.]

We live in a world that sorely needs a sea-change. We seem to have gone backwards not forwards and the state of the planet, in every way imaginable, is in desperate straits. Not until the human race stops fighting can we be said to have even begun to grow up.

Take care and keep laughing!