First Night Design | Elephants Learning

Elephants Learning © First Night Design
Elephants Learning © First Night Design

This is a photograph from Wikimedia of elephants learning how to handle logs which I altered with a free texture from Denise Love of 2 Lil’ Owls who recently set up the Facebook group, Texture Artists, where you will find said freebie.

Ever since I mentioned elephants on here, I have worked on three different pieces. None of them were turning out as I envisaged – very frustrating – until, that is, I replaced the texture I had used for Elephants Learning with the free one. I do hope you like it.

The fact that the men are wearing solar topees — I’m not entirely certain they are, but I like to think so — puts me in mind of Noël Coward’s line in ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen: ‘…because the simple creatures hope he will impale his solar topee on the tree.’  Not, of course, that the men above would ever be as stupid as an Englishman!

Take care and keep laughing!


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