Victor Hugo did it Naked

This excellent post from writer Chris Hilton explains exactly why I have not written anything for #NaNoWriMo since 3rd November. I lie. I wrote one paragraph on the fourth day.  It’s not entirely procrastination as I’ve had to deal with money problems (what a surprise) and our dog disappearing and having to be looked for and brought back home on three occasions. He’s staying close now because he’s frightened of the thunder, which is a blessing in disguise. Yes, WordPress, thank you for pointing out this last as a cliché. Alright, WordPress, now you’re just being silly when you suggest I might want to add ‘2011 Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament’ as a keyword.

#NaNoWriMo Comfort in a Cotton Frock 1st November
#NaNoWriMo Comfort in a Cotton Frock 2nd November
#NaNoWriMo Comfort in a Cotton Frock 3rd November

Take care and keep laughing!