Sir John Soane’s Museum and Gothic

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Culture and Anarchy

450px-Soane_Museum_1If you have never been to the Sir John Soane Museum in London, do go. It’s free, full of fascinating objects, and well worth a visit. Soane (1753-1837) was an architect whose life was devoted to collecting objets for his house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, and this house is open to the public so that his collection of antiquities, from pieces of statuary to paintings via many, many other objects, can be seen. Of course, there is so much there that it is difficult to take it all in during one visit, so initially I focused on Soane’s collection of pictures, including a Turner, several Hogarths, and a very Gothic Fuseli, as well as many architectural images. The Fuseli gives a hint of the interest in Gothic which Soane’s house shows: I was fascinated by the ‘Monk’s  Parlour’ and the ‘Monk’s Cell’. It seems that Soane created an ima(c) Sir John Soanes Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundationginary…

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