34 thoughts on “This is such a great idea…

    1. Isn’t it just! There was a church in Fulham/Kensington that was being converted into flats, I think, and the developer had been very enterprising with the surrounding cover as it was painted as book spines and looked brilliant. No scaffolding in sight.


  1. What a fantastic idea. I have a set of three steps in my garden where this would look perfect. I can find the bricks but I’d need someone to paint them as I’m totally useless at this kind of thing.

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  2. A great idea – now to persuade hubby to let me use some of the old bricks he’s been hanging on to… just in case they become useful. Well, I think this is ‘useful’!! Jx. PS: Hope you’re okay

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    1. Photograph some of your books, print them out, wrap round and then outdoor varnish? My ideas never quite work, though, although when my fingers were better I used to do hard-working coasters with ceramic tiles this way!

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