“To me the most important thing is the sense of going on. You know how beautiful things are when you’re traveling.”  Edward Hopper

Until I started exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Modern art website, I had no idea about Hopper’s early etchings, which pre-figure many of his later oil paintings.  He would continue to do preparatory pencil and ink sketches, works of art in themselves.

Due to a hiccup with copyright renewal, I am able to offer Nighthawks, one of Hopper’s most famous paintings, at my vintage store, although for the US market only.  As an enormous fan of Hopper’s work, I am thrilled.

His widow, Josephine, handed over 3,000 of her husband’s works to the Whitney Museum and the gallery held a Hopper exhibition last year.  Interestingly, various sources on the internet say that Hopper had originally planned for the work, completed at the beginning of 1942, to be called Night Hawks.

Take care and keep laughing!


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