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Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948).

Source: KURT SCHWITTERS | Beauty Bellezza Beauté


In St Ives on holiday, we visited Barbara Hepworth’s studio and garden, now part of Tate St Ives; Hepworth (1903-1975) died there in a fire about 40 years ago, and in her will asked that Trewyn Stu…

Source: Barbara Hepworth’s Studio | Culture and Anarchy

Susan Beatrice is a talented artist who creates these beautifully intricate sculptures from old vintage watch parts. She says that her recycled sculptures are “Earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources.”…

Source: This Artist Recycles Old Watch Parts Into Incredible Steampunk Sculptures.


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (7)

French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has been fascinated by paper since a young age. Inspired by the traditional art of origami, Jacquet explores and experiments with folding and crumpling techniques, developing an innovative style all his own.

In a series entitled Masks, Jacquet squishes and crumples 40 different toilet paper rolls into unique and expressive faces which are then coated with shellac and various pigments. In addition to the masks below, you can find more on his website and Facebook page.

[via Colossal]


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (9)

Photograph by Matthieu Gauchet


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (8)

Photograph by Matthieu Gauchet


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (1)


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (2)


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (4)


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (3)


toilet paper roll faces by junior fritz jacquet (5)

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Extraordinary animal sculptures made of shattered glass by Marta Klonowska.

Take care and keep laughing!


Extraordinary sculpted creatures from Ellen Jewett.

Take care and keep laughing!




Born in Markham, Canada, Ellen Jewett took to shaping three-dimensional forms naturally at a young age. To Ellen, sculpting has always been about life, biological narratives and cultural statements. The tedious hours of labor act as the mysterious foundation from which each of her sculptures’ personality springs forth.

In 2007 Ellen completed her post secondary education with a degree in Biological Anthropology and Art Critique from McMaster University. She had already started Creatures from El in 2005 and upon graduation plunged into it full-time.

Ellen continues to supplement her knowledge with professional courses and apprenticeships. She aspires to pursue graduate work in anthrozoology whilst maintaining her life as a studio artist.

On her fantasy creature sculptures, Ellen remarks:

“Each sculpture is handmade and painted with no more tools than fingers and a paint brush. By virtue of this primal process, each creation is unique and produced in a fluid…

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