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Exquisite photography from Sarah Lorrimer-Riley of The Illustrious Peacock.

Yesterday, Sarah Lorrimer-Riley of Illustrious Peacock and I got together and talked about certain settings available on WordPress which, seemingly, are little known by a number of bloggers.

I love promoting other people’s work and follow many blogs for my passions are eclectic.  If I like a post, I want to tweet it to my followers.  If a particular blogger is on Twitter, it’s helpful for them to know you have tweeted.  However, if there is no mention of their being on Twitter – they may not be, of course — and/or the Twitter dialogue box does not include a unique Twitter name other than @wordpressdotcom, they will never know.

Being the kind and lovely person I am (don’t all shout at once), I search everywhere to find and add it before tweeting.  This is laborious and time-consuming and I have recently taken to avoiding it unless, that is, I happen to know the name off by heart. I do have a special list of names whose blogs I tweet from regularly but even that is burdensome.


As you can see by the image above and the Twitter conversation below, there is a setting on WordPress that enables you to automatically add your Twitter name so that any tweet sent by visitors will automatically include it.

@IllustriousPea Did u kno u can add yr TW to WP so u know who tweets posts? Go to Settings ->Sharing & scroll down.

— First Night Design (@FirstNightArt) January 19, 2014

@FirstNightArt Oooh I didn’t!!! That is Superdooper! Thank you for the top tip! 🙂

— Illustrious Peacock (@IllustriousPea) January 19, 2014

@IllustriousPea Took me a while to find it! I try 2 add to all whose blog posts I tweet but it’s v time-consuming. Seems to be little-known

— First Night Design (@FirstNightArt) January 19, 2014

I am sure this must be true for all other blog platforms and websites.  If not, it certainly should be!

In the meantime, I recommend the photographic work of Sarah Lorrimer-Riley (we Sarahs stick together!). The English Meadow photo at the top of this post is available at her Etsy store, while the laughing Laura below can be seen on her blog. She can be found on Twitter as @IllustriousPea.

Take care and keep laughing!


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