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A direct contrast to the feel of yesterday’s Song for Freedom, Land, Ho! is another design from a few years ago that centres on my photograph of an abandoned fishing boat in Nea Chora in Chania on the island of Crete, and to which I added textures from Shadowhouse Creations.

To say ‘abandoned’ is, perhaps, to stretch the truth since one sees many apparently abandoned boats  (and houses) on this island that have not been abandoned but have been worked on for years without any sign of improvement! When it comes to the dilapidated houses, it can be assumed that the owners are a disparate collection of family members who have inherited the property and who can’t agree on what should be done with it. It is so sad to see them going by the board as they are often three or four hundred years-old and beautiful examples of Venetian or Ottoman Empire architecture.

Land Ho!
If I get my hands on a dollar bill
Gonna buy a bottle and drink my fill.
[Lyrics to Land Ho by The Doors]

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Take care and keep laughing!



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