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Easter Egg Basket © First Night Design—Available on cards, prints & posters

New for Easter.

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What a surprise! More cushions. I can own up to all except for Humpty Dumpty, which is a delightful illustration by Mr FND — do check out his  pantomime drawings.Humpty Dumpty

Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid 1921
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May Easter Joy Attend You © First Night Design

May Easter Joy Attend You © First Night Design
Available as Posters, Cards, and Prints

I’m never quite sure how to categorise creations like May Easter Joy Attend You. Is it a collage? Is it digital art, a term that applies to everything I do? Why do I concern myself? Sites like Saatchi Art and Fine Art America need  you to add this information when you upload an image. It drives me nuts, partly because I loathe categories.

The method I use is collage in that I prepare a background and then bring in elements around a particular theme and blend to a seamless whole, rather than what is strictly known as collage where elements are arranged seemingly haphazardly such as in Indian Glories.

In this instance, I prepped a background by doctoring one of Kerstin Frank’s textures, the same one I used for Alice’s Adventures.

Some of the Easter elements I brought in were discarded and replaced but not before I’d worked on them quite substantially — all good experience and not a waste of time!

These rabbits looked best in the Darken mode. But this meant the egg was far from clear. I used the Lasso Tool to select it (the Magnetic Tool is never accurate enough unless you are working with sharply defined objects) and created a new layer for the egg alone. This layer I left in its Normal state and placed it on top of the original egg. It needed touching up with the Brush and Clone Stamp Tools before I was satisfied.

The Darken mode also meant that the lower part of the right-hand rabbit had taken on the green of the background. This needed adjustment which I did by tracing the exact shape of the offending part with the Lasso Tool.  I moved to the background image and chose a lighter area in the ‘sky’ to create a new layer of the rabbit-leg shape. I left it in a Normal state and placed it behind the rabbit. Several colour adjustments were needed until the rabbit’s nether regions matched the rest of his body!

The Multiply mode was ideal for the hot air balloon but left the chicks in the basket more green than yellow. Mind you, one could argue that would be appropriate as surely the poor little blighters would be air sick! I used the same technique on them as I did on the egg to bring their yellow feathers back to life.

This left me with the bottom half of the balloon which, like the chicks and the rabbit, had taken on too much of the background to match up with the rest of the balloon. I used the same procedure as with the rabbit’s nether regions to bring it up to scratch.

I had originally planned to use the Easter greeting on the hot air balloon graphic at the top of the image but it failed to make the impact I had envisaged so I made a type layer instead with a font called Great Vibes.

The last touch was using the graphic above by removing its border and background and applying a ‘drop shadow’ and ‘bevel and emboss’ effect.

May Easter Joy Attend You © First Night Design

May Easter Joy Attend You © First Night Design
Available as Posters, Cards, and Prints

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America
Fine Art England

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The Racing Hare at Easter Pillows
The Racing Hare at Easter Pillows by FirstNightDesign

No post planned. No time to do much so this is the cushion I sold today. Looks rather good on other products too, though I say so myself as shouldn’t!

The Racing Hare at Easter Tiles
The Racing Hare at Easter Ceramic Tiles by FirstNightDesign

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This charming vintage bride comes from The Old Design Shop and is the cover of a 1915 Easter edition of the American periodical, Pictorial Review.  The Great War (WWI) was being waged in Europe at the time and the United States, many of whose citizens were firmly on the side of neutrality, had yet to join.  American feelings about the war were encapsulated by the popular song, also from 1915, I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier, with lyrics by Alfred Bryan, music by Al Piantadosi and sung by Ed Morton. This sheet music cover comes from Wikipedia.

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Is there anything quite so delicious as toasted Hot Cross Buns dripping with butter? I don’t think so.  Just writing about them is making me salivate!

Sadly, the supermarkets and bakeries – in the UK, at least – only sell them at Easter.  This photograph, however, is available all year round! You could hang it in your kitchen and be inspired to make them throughout the year.  Here follows a recipe link!

Take care and keep laughing!

About Sarah & First Night Design

I was so charmed by this vintage silhouette from The Graphics Fairy that I had no desire to tinker  and we all know how I like a bit of tinkering!

Take care and keep laughing!


New greeting card for Easter created with a vintage Easter card from The Graphics Fairy and myriad  textures added to create the look of a Victorian oil painting that needs a little cleaning!

Take care and keep laughing!



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