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Arriving in London in 1935, the Viennese photographer Wolfgang Suschitzky is best known for his depictions of London in the 1930s and 1940s. However a photography career spanning 70 years has seen him capture many subjects, all with the same genuine affection…

Source: vintage everyday: 30 Stunning Black and White Photographs of London in the 1930s and 1940s


Source: Gyula Halász (1899-1984) | Tal faràs, tal trobaràs

Brassaï: The Eye of Paris

“My ambition has always been to show the everyday city as if we were discovering it for the first time.”

Brassaï (pseudonym of Gyula Halász) was born in Hungary and came to Paris in 1924, working first as a journalist and then embracing photography, but it was the Paris of the 1930s that came to form the bedrock of his work. Walking the city streets at night, Brassaï discovered a previously unseen world and captured it on camera. He shows us every face and every facet, from tough guys and showgirls to prostitutes and pleasure-seekers, from the bustling cafés and dance halls to the stillness of deserted streets and mist-shrouded monuments. Through his eyes, Paris becomes a world of shadows, in which light, the prerequisite for any photograph, is reduced to…

Source: Gyula Halász (1899-1984) | Tal faràs, tal trobaràs

It’s time for another of my Edward Steichen-like Hollywood makeovers. When I’m in need of some glamour, I head straight for the silent movie headshots of the 1920s, especially as found on Hello Tuesday at Deviant Art, which is where I discovered this photograph of Louise Brooks.

“I never gave away anything without wishing I had kept it; nor kept anything without wishing I had given it away.”
Louise Brooks

Some of you may remember that I was originally inspired by Edward Steichen’s famous photograph of actress Gloria Swanson covered in lace (Museum of Modern Art).  I’ve already done one such of Louise Brooks and this is ‘Take 2’!

In what one might say is now time-honoured fashion, I overlaid Brooks with this lace effect vintage wallpaper from MGB-Stock.

“Most beautiful dumb girls think they are smart and get away with it, because other people, on the whole, aren’t much smarter.”
Louise Brooks

For more Hollywood Tattoo makeovers, click here.

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Take care and keep laughing!


I’m hoping Father Christmas might bring me a new computer so my struggles with data roaming can be consigned to tech bin of history!

Take care and keep laughing!

Sarah x

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I’m in love with my Gloria Swanson.  I’m showing off more wares with this design in the hope that you, too, will want to surround yourself with some vintage Hollywood glamour!

I was so charmed by this vintage silhouette from The Graphics Fairy that I had no desire to tinker  and we all know how I like a bit of tinkering!

Take care and keep laughing!



Backyard © Martin Hübscher

Photographer Martin Hübscher just happens to be married to one of my dearest friends, actress and blogger Pippa Rathborne, whom regular followers will recognise from those of her  posts which have been re-blogged here.

Pippa Rathborne

Pippa Rathborne © Martin Hübscher

Portraits, weddings and events are Martin’s stock-in-trade but leave him to his own devices and he comes up with some lovely black & white shots from the tiny detail [see There’s No Use Crying below] to the larger [see Backyard above].

There's No Use Crying

There’s No Use Crying © Martin Hübscher

Dunorlan ParkDunorlan Park © Martin Hübscher

With thanks to Martin Hübscher for allowing me to publish his photographs on First Night Design.

Take care and keep laughing!




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