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An actress for over three decades, a disabling condition – Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis (LcSSc) – and the respect that is now given to digital art have enabled me to travel in a different direction.  I have always created art of one form or another but now I’m concentrating on Art and Design.  (That’s not to say that if an ideal character came along that I was physically capable of performing, whether on stage or television, I wouldn’t leap at the chance – the bug never leaves you!)

This blog contains my ramblings on art, design, theatre,  history, food, cinema and more, subjects I love. Whether you’re looking for something beautiful, quirky, modern, nostalgic or romantic, or perhaps just strikingly simple, First Night Design is just the ticket, with theatre-related designs a speciality.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I welcome your comments. Please bear in mind that I may not always be able to respond because of ill-health.

Update 5 January 2018: Towards the end of last year I was diagnosed with a second incurable autoimmune condition called Ulcerative Colitis as well as a Hiatus Hernia. Joy of joys!

“Sarah, your work takes on the look of the old masters. Good approach and well done!”
Thank you, artist Skip Willits, for giving me such a beautiful compliment!


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Take care and keep laughing!


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