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Kimberly Eve Musings of a Writer: George Frederic Watts by Edward Steichen

In view of my emulating Edward Steichen’s photograph of Gloria Swanson covered in lace with my Hollywood tattoo series, it is fascinating to see his early work in this 1900 portrait of the painter G F Watts who, as readers familiar with this blog will know, was once married to the actress Ellen Terry. Background description from […]

Clara Bow as You’ve Never Seen Her or Hollywood Gets a Makeover | First Night Design

Clara Bow would have been 115 today, hence the reblog. Keep safe. This modern treatment of a Clara Bow photograph was inspired, like The Gloria Swanson Tattoo and The Louise Brooks Tattoo, by Edward Steichen‘s headshot of the Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson covered in lace and held by the Museum of Modern Art. The Clara […]

“The Louise Brooks Tattoo” by Sarah Vernon | Redbubble #Sold!

Features / Hat Heads 25 March 2014 / Inspired by Edward Steichen’s headshot of Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson covered in lace (Museum of Modern Art). / Photoshop / Louise Brooks: Hello-Tuesday / Wallpaper: MGB-Stock / The still is from a 1928 film, Beggars of Life, where Brooks plays a girl who disguises herself in beggar’s […]

Hollywood Vintage Gloria Postcard | Zazzle #Sold

Inspired by Edward Steichen’s portrait of Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson covered in lace (Museum of Modern Art). Orientation: Postcard Create your own vacation-worthy postcards right here. Any view you’ve seen, any monument you’ve fallen in love with, can all be added to our postcards with our personalization tool. Craft touching, hand-written correspondence while on your […]

First Night Design | “I have a gift for enraging people…” #Art #Gifts

Lulu in Hollywood Card by FirstNightDesign Reposting the incomparable Tallulah yesterday gave me a taste for creating another of my Hollywood images à la Edward Steichen. I found an image of silent film star Louise Brooks from Hello-Tuesday and used the vintage wallpaper from MGB Stock that I’ve used previously (DeviantArt). It is, I believe, a still from […]

First Night Design | The Louise Brooks Tattoo Take 2 #AlteredVintage

It’s time for another of my Edward Steichen-like Hollywood makeovers. When I’m in need of some glamour, I head straight for the silent movie headshots of the 1920s, especially as found on Hello Tuesday at Deviant Art, which is where I discovered this photograph of Louise Brooks. “I never gave away anything without wishing I had […]

First Night Design | The Greta Garbo Tattoo

FROM THE ARCHIVE — I THOUGHT IT WAS HIGH TIME FOR SOME HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR! Here is another in my Hollywood series that takes its inspiration from the famous Edward Steichen portrait of actress Gloria Swanson covered in lace and held by the Museum of Modern Art.  The Greta Garbo photo (Hello-Tuesday), and the vintage wallpaper (MGB-Stock) that I used to create the lace effect, […]

The Most Complicated Thing On Earth | The Genealogy of Style

Originally posted on The Genealogy of Style. “When I first became interested in photography… my idea was to have it recognized as one of the fine arts. Today I don’t give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man to himself. And that is the […]

Four Works: Digital Art, Master Photographers & Vintage Delights | First Night Design

Originally posted on First Night Design. The other day I was studying an old photograph that I had taken while on holiday in Crete of the Venetian Harbour in Chania. I was wondering what I could do with it.  In fact, I’d been looking at it and wondering for some years because it doesn’t stand alone as […]

First Night Design | Oh, the Glamour! 50% OFF

One day only: 50% off all posters | USE CODE: JANPOSTERS15 Zazzle US • Zazzle UK Such a treat to have sold the following posters at Zazzle today. No one should ever have to live without Hollywood glamour! You can read about my using renowned photographer Edward Steichen’s famous headshot of Gloria Swanson covered in lace as inspiration here, […]