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First Night Design | #Comments #Glitch Update

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Hurrah and Hussar! Changing to Firefox has solved a whole host of glitches including comments on your blogs as some of you will know already!

I couldn’t be happier since the browser has improved beyond recognition since I used it last which is an age ago.

To all of you who were kind enough to comment on Blog Comments — WordPress Glitch, whether commiserating or making suggestions, I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t have reached this stage without you.

In other news, I am so relieved by the results of the US Election and give my friends, relations and blogger pals living in the States a massive wave of solidarity.

Stay safe and keep laughing!



6 thoughts on “First Night Design | #Comments #Glitch Update

  1. Great to hear your issue has been resolved. I actually changed from Firefox to Chrome a couple of years ago, as I thought Firefox was the problem. In hindsight, I suspect it was WordPress.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. I think so too. I had huge problems creating the post about my grandfather on First Night History. In fact, it took Tuesday evening and the whole of Wednesday. Although I managed to publish it before midnight, it was in a parlous state. Apart from going to get my flu jab, I’ve spent more hours today getting it up to snuff. Needless to say, visiting other blogs has been impossible. Thanks for the comment, Pete.

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