Blog Comments β€” WordPress Glitch 😱

😱 This is a quick note to say I’m still having problems commenting on your blogs. The search for a cure continues. Piggybacking on someone else’s comment worked for a short time but no longer. And don’t mention the Block Editor…! 😱

32 thoughts on “Blog Comments β€” WordPress Glitch 😱

  1. Don’t worry, Sarah. I’ve had problems trying to comment from my phone, but not so far (fingers crossed) from the computer. Take care and let’s hope it sorts itself out soon.

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    1. I’m not surprised! I’ve dabbled with the Block Editor but there are many tools that were easy to find in Classic Editor that now lurk within Block and are immune to any intuitive thinking on our part. Steep, steep learning ahead as I’m not the first person to say.

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    1. Thank you. I’m on a Mac and Safari is their browser so you’d think it would work perfectly! I spend my life going between Chrome and Safari. Safari gives me the same problem. Chrome is the one I prefer. When there are Chrome problems, I always go back to Safari where sometimes a problem is solved and sometimes not!


  2. When this happened to me, the WP ‘happiness engineers’ told me I needed to use Google Chrome as my browser instead of Safari (which I normally use). So, for those blogs I really wanted to like and make a comment, or reblog, that worked.

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  3. It’s your site. I left WP because of all the bugs and glitches. Not everyone takes the time to read my words on Blogger although I have left connections on my WP site, which I still pay for even though they offer me nothing in the way of convenience or help. Normally when I comment I hit the Change button which allows me to add my new site and email. Yiurs offers four major choices only. If you ever want to follow or find me I am at
    I love your work. Good luck getting things worked out.

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  4. Sarah I’m late to coming to the party–my site was making me crazy for the longest time but finally I changed to ANOTHER theme from a diff. maker, stopped tweaking the CSS and went to the theme creators to help me straighten stuff out and voila, so far, I’m cooking….fingers crossed, saying that lightly.
    I too was told by whomever that Chrome was the way to go, NEVER Safari and it might have been Apple. WP is very specific in it’s neediness but you know that with block editor. I was game to try once i got back online, but it’s[blocks] a pain in the rear actually. Why they’re raving lunatics about it, I’ll never know but I think their intention is to dump the classic editor in time and be 100% blocks. It’s something to do with publishing and coding. I’m glad to just be up and running for now, and I’m seeing you’re up and running… well walking…. well being. πŸ™‚ 🧑

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