First Night Design | Mandarin ducks will “mate for life and…”

Re-blogging because I’ve just sold another of these cushions!

First Night Design

Mandarin Duck Throw Pillow
Mandarin Duck Throw Pillow

I was chuffed to sell this Mandarin Duck Throw Pillow over Christmas. It is a piece of ancient Asian art that I am particularly fond of. According to a quote from children’s writer Katherine Paterson on GoodReads (the only quote about mandarin ducks on the site!), these birds “mate for life and will die of loneliness if separated from their chosen mate”. Yes, I’m a sucker for evidence of loyalty.

The image is available on many other products at the following galleries:

Zazzle USA
Zazzle UK

Take care and keep laughing!


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8 thoughts on “First Night Design | Mandarin ducks will “mate for life and…”

  1. Who knew mandarin ducks mate for life? That is amazing.

    My mother has a large property and Canada Geese like to nest in one of the ponds. My family often jokes about shooting a goose for dinner, but my mother never rises to the bait. “You can’t shoot one,” she always says. “You must shoot the male and female because they mate for life. One would be too lonely without the other.”

    Anyway, the pillow is gorgeous, dah-ling!

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