Scheffler blasts Brexit in British Book Awards speech | The Bookseller

axelschefflerAxel Scheffler said that Brexit makes him “sad and angry every day” as he picked up the Illustrator of the Year prize at The British Book Awards last night (14th May).

When receiving the award, Scheffler, who is German, said that while he was “grateful” to receive the prize, he did so with “a heavy heart and maybe even a slightly bitter feeling – it feels like a consolation prize, or even a farewell gift.”

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11 thoughts on “Scheffler blasts Brexit in British Book Awards speech | The Bookseller

    1. And you’re entitled to your opinion, David! I agree with Mr Scheffler. And the award ceremony may have been the only platform he had to make a point about which he feels strongly. What better setting than an award ceremony for which the publicity would be greater than many other occasions. There are too many aspects of British life that are going to be destroyed by Brexit and there is not nearly enough knowledge of the facts out there because of the lies. Would you say the same about an actress making a point about #MeToo at the Oscars, for instance? Hugs!

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      1. Yes, I probably would tell the actress to gather a group of reporters together and make her denouncement, but the Oscar’s would not be an appropriate place.(for me anyway) but I would want her to win.
        xxx Mega Hugs Sarah xxx

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  1. Ah, Brexit. The great ‘division’ of modern British history. Families and friends on opposite sides, bitterness and recrimination too. Thankfully, us bloggers are all far too civilised to let it become an impassable barrier.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. Discretion is the better part of valour – and yet, like Scheffler, who was heroically appealing to the better Britain, I am compelled and free to speak. If and when my life and those of the people I love most in the world are destroyed by Brexit – it is already costing us a lot – my barrier will be impassable and though my comments have no bite, I will be gnashing my teeth and spitting venom. The Do Not Allow Comments button will be the only civilized option left.

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  3. I always love stories of people who win great prizes and then either don’t show up for the award or rant about how awful it is that such awards are given out in the first place. My plan is that when I win a big award I will be very gracious, but of course the possibilities of my winning one are remote at best. Oh well. Best wishes..

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    1. Ha! I often say things like, ‘If I ever win an Oscar or the Booker, I’ll…’ It ain’t gonna happen! But we should still dream. Every time I had an interview or an audition, I’d start writing my Oscar or Bafta acceptance speech!


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