First Night Design | Jane Austen Gets Drunk #Reblog

A re-post to commemorate the death of the niece of my several times removed grandfather Theophilus Leigh. On this day in 1817, Jane Austen, daughter of Cassandra Leigh and George Austen, died in Winchester from what has at different times been thought to be cancer, tuberculosis and Addison’s Disease. The latest suggestion is arsenic poisoning. Enjoy this showing of her humour.

Forget the shy, retiring Jane Austen — we have her nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh’s memoir of his aunt to blame for that idea — here is an extract from a letter she wrote from Steventon to …

Source: First Night Design | Jane Austen Gets Drunk | First Night Design

Take care and keep laughing!


11 thoughts on “First Night Design | Jane Austen Gets Drunk #Reblog

    1. It’s always a pleasure, Olga! I’ve just started poring over all her published letters (a very thick volume in spite of those that her sister destroyed) so I hope to come across further treats.


  1. As another descendant, I too enjoy all this and we have family connections with Winchester too as my great aunt Phyllis Hoskyns was married to Gordon Selwyn who was dean of Winchester in the 1940s and 50s.

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    1. Hello, Coz! And my great-grandfather Benedict George (your great-great uncle?) and my grandfather Chandos commemorated at the Greenjackets Museum are some of the other Winchester connections. I did once know how many times I was removed from Theophilus but can’t remember now. I was on your tree last night trying to work it out but although you’re ahead of me, there wasn’t enough there to work it out again! I’d always thought that Ben was dean of Winchester in the 30s and lived at 1, The Close but someone else pointed out there was no evidence for this so I’m very confused! I’m sure that somewhere I have a letter by Ben or Dora with 1, The Close written at the top. Here’s a link to some Hoskyns posts on my history blog: Anon, anon!


  2. Interesting family history , Sarah! I can’t claim Jane in my ancestry, although I have have been told I am a distant relation of Jesse James on my father’s side and Rutherford B. Hayes on my mother’s side.

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