First Night Design | Floral Friday

I’m taking a leaf (or should that be petal) out of photographer Leanne Cole’s book today and posting a vase of flowers for your delectation. This photograph is not for sale but I do have several flower pieces in the pipeline.

Yellow Bouquet © Sarah Vernon
Yellow Bouquet © Sarah Vernon

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen

Take care and keep laughing!


26 thoughts on “First Night Design | Floral Friday

    1. Bless you, Hugh. I don’t have a garden here (just coffin-sized courtyards back and front) but I always said that as soon as I could afford it, I would buy fresh flowers every week. It’s a great boost to the soul. Hope you have a fabulous weekend too. x

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        1. At the front yes. I already have pots out there but they need sorting and most of the space is taken up with my mobility scooter! The back doesn’t get enough sun as it’s totally enclosed with very high walls. But there is a steamer chair there waiting to be varnished but currently covered. I’ll get it sorted. I usually sit out the front in true Greek style!

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  1. Gorgeous arrangement Sarah! The yellow rose reminds me of the bush that Martin and I received as a wedding gift. It’s called ‘Honeymoon’ and is still going strong after 19 years, despite being started off in a pot and then moved around several times. It even got split into two by an over~enthusiastic gardener at some point, so now we have one each ~ and they are always in bloom on our anniversary! Great photo, super memories, thank you! 😁❤️X

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