First Night Design | Of potholes and politics, ducks and hospitals | Notes from the U.K.

The news is good on the ♥ front.

The consultant at the hospital in Southampton (what a soulless place the town is) said that although the condition was serious, there was no need to put me through an operation just yet. He’s happy to have the heart checked every six months and go from there. The echocardiograms between last December and this week have shown that progress is slow. If any sign of increased deterioration is detected, the first thing they’ll do is try me on medication. The surgery will have to happen at some point but he hoped it would be a few years down the line.

I feel as though I’ve been holding my breath for six months and at last breathed out. In order to give me time to continue breathing out, you may find that my posts are not as regular as usual. I want to enjoy the summer (such as it is in the UK) and get out and about rather than pore over the computer and social media.

In between time, ain’t we got fun!

If you’re not aware of Ellen Hawley and her blog, Notes from the UK, you’re in for a treat. An American living in Cornwall, she casts her beady eye on the English — our laws, foibles, oddities and customs — in ways that will have you hooting with laughter. I’m re-blogging one of her recent posts partly so I can showcase my ducks. (Ellen talks about ducks, real and rubber) I say ‘my’ but they’re actually based at the duck pond within the grounds of the Isle of Wight hospital.

And now for Ellen’s musings —

‘People involved in British politics swear that politicians get elected (and unelected) mostly over potholes and garbage pickup, although it isn’t called garbage in Britain it’s called, um, somethin…’

Source: Of potholes and politics | Notes from the U.K.

Take care and keep laughing!


58 thoughts on “First Night Design | Of potholes and politics, ducks and hospitals | Notes from the U.K.

  1. Good news on your health, Sarah. Getting out and about and breathing the air sounds like a great idea. Do pop back, sometimes… keep posting and keep laughing xXx 💃

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    1. Don’t worry, Juli, I’ll be posting but I won’t be putting pressure on myself to publish every day. Thanks for commenting and you can be assured that I will keep laughing. Have you seen the clip of Buzz Aldrin grimacing while Trump pontificates about space? I’m watching that every day and it makes me hoot every time!

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  2. Good news about your heart, Sarah. You can relax a bit and maybe the sun will come out so you can enjoy a bit of a holiday. I enjoyed reading about the ducks and the pothole protest. Bit surprised to find a pothole has to be the depth of a coke can to be taken seriously by the council.

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    1. It’s all too possible that Ellen was exaggerating for comic effect! The sun is shining here today and I spent the morning exploring childhood haunts around the village and taking lots of photographs. Thanks, Mary.

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  3. I do extend my very best to you and your health. If there is one thing I know up and close and personal when health declines you grab life with gusto as much as you can! Enjoy your Summer!!! 🕊🌈💝

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  4. As you know, any post involving a photograph of ducks is bound to get my attention but mainly I am pleased to hear the heart problems are at least stable for the moment. The summer is hot and fairly dry at the moment, and I hope you get to enjoy a good deal of it without other day to day distractions. Blessings to you from another duck admirer !

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        1. Lots of cancers and other conditions have been ruled out after 2 ultrasounds. Two tiny gallstones have been dismissed as a cause though that or a hernia (can’t actually remember) was the eventual cause of my mother’s tum as I think I told you. You suggested hernia so I’m going to ask for a test so that can be ruled out for sure. I had a little pain on the right, side and back which was variable so… We shall see! And, of course, the bungled Cretan cataract has yet to be rectified. Oy vey! xx

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  5. So glad that the news was on the positive side, Sarah. Yes, enjoy your summer and let the blogging slide. There is more to life than sitting in front of a screen. Thanks for the intro to Ellen. It looks like she has a fun blog. I’m heading over to read. ❤

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  6. First, the ducks are adorable. I find ducks sometimes have real personalities, and I suspect these ones have interesting characters.

    Second, good news on the operation! I hope the operation will not be necessary for many years (if ever).

    Third, you enjoy your summer! I hope it’s filled with laughter and delightful memories. 🙂

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  7. Whew! Such good news. Thank you for letting your bloggers know. I am eager to check out Ellen’s blog. As a fellow American, I imagine I will belly laugh. My very best to you, Sarah.

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  8. So glad you are holding steady Sarah! I think you should take it easy a bit – there is plenty of time to blog when the weather is ugly. I have been having a lazy summer attack myself!

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    1. Thanks, Syd. I’m not finding it so easy to pull back. I’ve just found something interesting to reblog and I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist. The sun is shining but my feet are painful so all I want to do is stay at home which is such a waste!


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