First Night Design | Apples and Pears in a Hallway #Art

Apples And Pears In A Hallway Framed Print from Fine Art America

The photograph I used as my starting point was taken a year ago at an erstwhile (and that’s another story to be told when I’m ready) friend’s hallway. I threw together a couple of books — vintage copies of Jane Austen’s Emma and Northanger Abbey that I bought from the shop attached to Chawton House in Steventon — a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whisky and a wooden ‘bothy’ bowl that I bought from Garden Trading; I’ve since bought several more! The lilies were already on the hall table.

As is my way, I added a couple of textures from Design Cuts and some apples from an image by Leti Kugler at Unsplash.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Some of you might recognise the print on the wall. Yes, it’s Copper Pear.

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America [14 fulfillment centers in 5 countries]
Saatchi Art

Take care and keep laughing!


29 thoughts on “First Night Design | Apples and Pears in a Hallway #Art

  1. It’s lovely. There are lots of things to see the longer you look at it. I really like the textures and tones. And, being a really nosy person, I’m dying to hear the story of the erstwhile friend!

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    1. Ah, that’s interesting to hear, Olga. You may remember that at one point I was always giving details about the creation of a piece but then got bored by doing so! Thank you! By the way, I’ve just downloaded Golden Hill for my iPad after reading the sample! I’m currently reading and loving The Embroiderer which I thought I’d bought on your recommendation but it doesn’t come up on either of your sites when I search.


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