A fool on a hill…: The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry

I bought The Essex Serpent a few weeks ago and made a start but was easily distracted by another book which I was itching to read. I’ll go back to it but it’s interesting to learn that author Sue Purkiss found that the book didn’t quite capture her imagination.

The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry, is a very good book. But somehow, it didn’t quite seize my imagination. It’s probably just me; maybe I haven’t read it at the right time – because there’s no doubt that it’s absolutely beautifully written, and it’s won some seriously impressive prizes. Perhaps it’s a book you should read in the winter, in an isolated house, by a cosy fire, with…

Source: A fool on a hill…: The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry

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20 thoughts on “A fool on a hill…: The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry

  1. Interesting you should say that. I read the reviews and they loved it, but somehow it didn’t sound like a book I wanted to read, although I have no idea why–and I could be completely wrong about it.

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  2. I’m very bad for giving up on books if I’m not engaged by the 3rd chapter. I usually read a chapter, flip to the end of the book and read the last two pages, then resume reading at chapter 2. It’s a bad habit…my book club is properly horrified.

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  3. I must admit to being a person that rarely reads books but have great admiration for those that write great books and not so called pulp fiction just to capture the market and get sales … Nice post shared on sales and authors be well Sarah glad you like my tweet news try to hand pick best of bunch … Speak soon lots of hugs Ian PS If you want to add your tweets just let me know and l will add I will send you a link to become a user on the site ?

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