Vintage Pretty Girl is Like a Melody Mouse Pad | Zazzle #Sold!

Song sheet for Irving Berlin’s famous number, ‘A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody’, sung in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1919.

Source: Vintage Pretty Girl is Like a Melody Mouse Pad | Zazzle

Take care and keep laughing!


13 thoughts on “Vintage Pretty Girl is Like a Melody Mouse Pad | Zazzle #Sold!

  1. Hi Sarah… I love this image. After several tries to answer your comment on my other blog, i had to copy it and come over here by typing in the blog name cause it wouldn’t even link to you!! grrrr…. anyway I just happened along here too, looking for the link to the reader, of all things! I have never liked the wp reader and now that i am using not, it’s even worse. there is NO link on my new blog for/to the reader!! stupid…

    anyway, it might be good to enter my OTHER blog into your reader manually. it’s at the top where you can put in blogs, sites you read. My correct address [to my new site] is

    a leaky heart valve isn’t much better, my dear! yes, i hear you with the cognitive issues. i’m a mess both mentally and physically, just laying in bed today. COPD-i am not going to go looking for a dx in a sleep clinic. i am sure it’s coming from my doc-he’s rather new-but i’m not jumping. i can stay up for two days AND nights straight. be an interesting study for them not me. 😉
    xoxox take care of you, Sarah!

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    1. My advice would always be to stay where you are – I’ve seen too many bloggers, blogs and readers have endless problems when they move to .org or self-hosting! It’s lovely to hear from you. As for sleep, I’ve been experimenting with a silly tip which has worked for three nights but wasn’t quite so effective last night. It’s a question of blinking for a minute when you settle down. I was amazed by the result. Last night wad disappointing but not massively so as I still got to sleep long before I would normally have done. No, leaky heart valve is not much better and I could do without the COPD but hey, it’s the story of our lives! xxx


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