Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia by Bartolomeo Veneto [Wikimedia]

First Night Design | I was Lucrezia Borgia

Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia by Bartolomeo Veneto [Wikimedia]
Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia by Bartolomeo Veneto [Wikimedia]

At some point in the 1980s, life was going particularly badly — plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose — and my dear, late friend, actor, writer and director Bill Moody, decided that to be reaping so many challenges, I must have been Lucrezia Borgia in a past life. I now begin to think he was absolutely right!

Some of you may have noticed that I was visiting your blogs again yesterday. Has my sight been restored? Nope.

There’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad news is that I learned from the British ophthalmologist that the cataract operation on my left eye that was done in Crete a year ago was so out-of-date that the Isle of Wight specialist had not performed that particular procedure for twenty years.

The good news is that he was able to remove the stitch at the front of the eyeball. This, sadly, has made only minimal difference to the vision but enough to be able to read a little better and see pictures in more detail. The difference was not immediately apparent but became clear (pun intended) about lunchtime yesterday.

The bad news is that all the other stitches from that operation are still in the eyeball and deeply embedded.

The good news is he doubts these are affecting my vision and would prefer to leave them untouched unless later events change his mind.

The bad news is that should the need arise, it’s major surgery for the eyeball.

The next piece of news is good and bad. There is scar tissue that’s developed over the months from, I think, that one stitch he took out but it can be removed by laser and within the month.

In the meantime, I am now on the waiting list for a cataract operation on the right eye. Hurrah!

Take care and keep laughing!


55 thoughts on “First Night Design | I was Lucrezia Borgia

  1. Hoping it all ends up working well and you get as much sight as possible restores. My mother has her other eye due to be operated next week. Keeping my fingers crossed (the other one went well). Take care. Thinking of you. And happy to know you are in good hands now.

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  3. Goodness, Sarah, I admire your spirit if you can keep laughing over all of this. I hope the embedded stitches don’t give you any problems in the future and that the second cataract op goes well. Thinking of you and sending all good wishes.xx

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      1. I can imagine. I haven’t had cataracts, but 10 years ago doctor’s discovered that the pressure in both my eyes would have me 100% blind if I didn’t have laser surgery to put pinholes in my iris’ to alleviate the pressure. I was petrified. And I’ll add if I didn’t go for eye checks every year I would have succumbed to that fate. It’s so important to have eyes checked! 🙂

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  4. I have had experience of a cataract operation gone wrong. My mother had cataract operations on both her eyes. When the op on the left eye was done the surgeon (who was highly acclaimed) accidently burst the bag. It was awful as my mom saw black spider webs in that eye for months. Fortunately, it has now come right. I hope your surgery goes really well.

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