“Birdcage Blossom” Duvet Covers by Sarah Vernon | Redbubble

Following on from yesterday’s Pot-Pourri Duvet Cover, I give you the “Birdcage Blossom Duvet Cover”, and a photo of it in situ below as I bought it for myself and couldn’t be more delighted.

Featured in Vintage Retro Classic 6th December 2012. / Featured in Artists Universe 17th November 2012. / Featured in Vavoom 8th November 2012. / Daily Dazzler feature in Art Universe 27th October 2012. / Featured in Creative Cards & Calendars 26th October 2012. / Background from Astrid’s Artistic Efforts, flowers, birdcage and French typography from The Graphics Fairy. Created in Photoshop. • Also buy this artwork on home decor, apparel, stickers, and more.

Source: “Birdcage Blossom” Duvet Covers by Sarah Vernon | Redbubble


In other news, the ophthalmology appointment came through yesterday morning and I’ll be seeing the specialist on 10th November. Thank you once more for your amazing support during the gritted-teeth period. Talking of teeth … no, you don’t’ want to know!

Take care and keep laughing!


22 thoughts on ““Birdcage Blossom” Duvet Covers by Sarah Vernon | Redbubble

  1. Fingers crossed the appointment goes well. I’m due back to visit my mother and see if we can get her appointments sorted. The duvet cover looks great and even better in the real life picture. All the best, Sarah. I’ll be thinking of you.

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  2. The duvet is beautiful, the design works perfectly for the bed. I’m sorry to read about your teeth Sarah, and I also hope that the ophthalmologist appointment works out for your eyes. Best wishes ~

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  3. My goodness, I thought I was impressed with yesterday’s duvet cover but todays, oh my, it’s beautiful! And good news with the appointment – 12 days and counting – best of luck❣️

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  4. Wow, Sarah! Even though your awesome design looks great on site, it looks even richer and more plush in the photo of your duvet cover! Isn’t it great to see first hand the quality of some of these items we have our artwork and designs posted on? It makes it that much easier to share and recommend them to others.

    Thank goodness you are finally getting to see the specialist! Hang in there sweet friend. We’re rooting for you. 🙂

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