First Night Design | My Cushions in Situ #HomeDecor


I’ve put my money where my mouth is, bought some cushions with my designs from Redbubble and discovered the difficulty of matching colours when comparing an original design, the computer and the reality. Which of the cushions were going to work against my Duck Egg Blue sofas (Laura Ashley). In the photograph above you can see a perfect match between the charity buy cushion on the left and a does it?-doesn’t it? match with my Petite Rose Confection cushion on the right.

The photograph — iPhone — distorts the colour of the sofa which is a more elegant Duck Egg crossed with Eau de Nil than the rather dull greyish-green above. The charity cushion works perfectly whether in electric light, sunlight or grey light,  as does the Petite Rose Confection.


In this second photograph, it looks as if Hummingbird Tune is out of step with the sofa but it actually works in all lights, just not the photograph!img_0488

The Georgian Stripes Duck Egg as above, which I designed specifically for these sofas, doesn’t work at all, least of all in the photograph, except in electric light! I’m going to have to design some more stripes that are a better match. I had originally wanted the sofas in the regency stripes that Laura Ashley were selling. However, between creating and saving the sofas to my wish list and actually going into the store to order, the company discontinued the fabric. I do love what I ended up choosing but I want stripes in there somewhere!

I’ll keep you posted.

Take care and keep laughing!


35 thoughts on “First Night Design | My Cushions in Situ #HomeDecor

  1. Good morning, Sarah….Love the sofa and I personally really like the Petite Rose Confection rather than the cushion on the left. Also like the hummingbird cushion – (not just because it’s a hummer) but I think it works very well. Given that the sofa is a solid colour – I like these cushions with pattern. I like the striped cushion, but you are right it doesn’t work with the sofa. Clearly things are coming together in your new abode….perfect timing for autumn/winter. Have a lovely day and keep smiling…janet:):)xxx

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  2. You have hit on a major problem with buying on the internet – and why when learning web design they tell you to use generic colours as there is no guarantee the colour you use will be the same on any other screens. Maybe we need special media goggles to adjust the world around us so it all colour co-ordinates.

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  3. Nice to see your cushions ‘in action’, Sarah. I think the hummingbird looks very nice too.
    (Ashtray, lighter, magnifying glass. Could have been my own table-top a few years ago…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Much the same, not any worse just yet though. I confess that I am putting off the referral for surgery. I have heard about too many mishaps. I might summon up the courage in 2017! x


  4. Happy colour scheming, Sarah. It looks a fascinating project: the way one is convinced that some shade will work – and then it so totally doesn’t. Love the first combo with the charity shop cushion and the Petite Rose.

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  5. It’s a very tricky one and although I’m not good working with visuals it’s of concern when you’re trying to come up with something that will work when people see it in different places (and in real life). I do like the first one (both) and the hummingbird cushion is lovely. I like the stripped one, but you’re right about the colour… I agree with Janet, though. The house is looking lovely

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  6. If it was me, I’d be going with your Petite Rose Confection cushion design – LOVE the contrast against that beautiful sofa. Oh, and I LOVE your clocks. I’d have a clock in every room if family allowed, lol!😆

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    1. Much thanks, Joanne! I have a thing for clocks too. Sadly, the one on the right doesn’t work (keeps stopping at twenty to eight!) and I have to return it. They’ve no more of them so it’s a refund. Tell your family they should definitely allow you a clock in every room.

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  7. Love the sofa and the Petite Rose Confection. I prefer it to the charity shop one. I like the stripes if you could get the shade you need. It looks quite different from the colour of the one in box below from the post in which you first showed it. There it looks quite green and got quite excited (my sofas are cream and the walls are green) but it isn’t green at all.
    I hope you are having fun trying things out.

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  8. You have some lovely cushions–regardless of where you use them. I like the rose one on the duck’s egg sofa. And the sofa and chairs are just right–love that color. Although I do understand your love of stripes–me too!

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