The History Girls: The man who painted women in gold

This will be the last of the posts I’ve written as a result of visiting Vienna in June. We visited several museums and art galleries while we were there, and in every one, there were pictures by Gustav Klimt.

His paintings are famous, particularly…

Source: The History Girls: The man who painted women in gold

30 thoughts on “The History Girls: The man who painted women in gold

  1. A very enjoyable article. Those paintings are sumptuous, like a modern version of Persian artwork, or Arabic tiles. They display a richness of colour rarely matched in late 19th/early 20th century painting.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. Thanks for this interesting article, Sarah. I knew nothing about Klimt, though obviously have seen reproductions of his work in many forms. He sounds a fascinating character. Love the painting of the woman in that gorgeous blue dress.

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  3. My daughter is a huge fan of Klimt and nearly every wall in her previous pre-marriage home was covered in prints of his work. I could see the appeal though Ju and I leaned a little more towards Mucha whose work we saw in beautiful Prague some years ago.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  4. Too funny. This woman in gold looked so familiar. It was almost like I knew her. Then as I read the post written by the History Girls it finally dawned on me… Hubby had given me a coffee cup as a gift when we lived in Iceland adorned with this very beauty in gold. Never has the cup been used for beverages, instead it sits on my work desk with an assortment of paint brushes along with various speciality pens and pencils. What can I say Sarah – it’s been a long couple of days, lol!😄

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