Bernard Buffet – Picasso’s Nemesis?


61C8tjcyicL._SX385_On the 10th of July 1928, French artist Bernard Buffet was born in Paris. Buffet belonged to a group – “L’Homme Témoin (The Witness)” – along with Bernard Lorjout and André Minaux, considered as a new school of figurative painting. Going against the emerging trend of abstraction in modern painting, Buffet remained an Expressionist through and through: during his last visit to Musée Bernard Buffet in May 1996, he is recorded to have said, “I want you to have a dialogue with my paintings by pure affection. Painting is not something to talk about or to analyse; it is something just to feel. A hundredth of a second is enough to judge a painting.” (Musée Bernard Buffet).

In 1948, when Buffet first became popular to the public, the gloom, pessimism, and horror of his work appeared to be related to recent history and the end of the war…

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