First Night Design | Curious Kittens #Art #Gifts

Curious Kittens Laptop Cases © Sarah Vernon at Redbubble
Curious Kittens Laptop Cases © Sarah Vernon at Redbubble

I don’t do cute but sometimes cute gets the better of me. This was the case when working on Curious Kittens, created with a too-sweet-for-its-own-good Victorian picture from The Graphics Fairy. I wanted to introduce an atmosphere that would turn it into something a little less prosaic, a little less ‘aahs’, and with greater depth to the colours. Adding one of my reddish textures in Subtract mode (Photoshop) has given it an entirely different atmosphere, while the green palette makes the goldfish bowl a much more interesting proposition to look at. That’s what I feel anyway!


Curious Kittens Towel
Curious Kittens Towel by FirstNightDesign

Curious Kittens Wrist Watches
Curious Kittens Wrist Watches by FirstNightDesign

Take care and keep laughing!


25 thoughts on “First Night Design | Curious Kittens #Art #Gifts

      1. I ordered a cushion with the kittens on for Christie….because she loves them….I know her scarf has arrived and so when I Skype with her next Thursday I will ask her to send a picture…..Hope you have enjoyed the weekend. I had a really good painting day which is always a boost:)xxx

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