Paris Between the Wars – “H” is for Florence Henri

Born in New York in 1893 to a French father and a Polish mother, Florence’s mother died when the little girl was 2, and her father died when she was only 15. She went to live with acquaintances, first in Rome, then in Berlin, and in 1924, at age 31, she moved to Paris. Trained as a painter, by 1928 she had abandoned painting in favor of becoming a free-lance photographer. Many of her photographs incorporate…

Source: Paris Between the Wars – “H” is for Florence Henri

16 thoughts on “Paris Between the Wars – “H” is for Florence Henri

  1. Yes, I’m with Pete about the Man Ray similarity. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to an exhibition of her work, but I’m not sure where. It’s likely it was during one of my visits to my friend in Paris….

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  2. Those Nazis certainly had definite ideas about acceptable and unacceptable art, didn’t they? It’s rather annoying.

    Have you read William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”? It talks about Goebbels setting up two art museums – one with approved artwork, and one that had examples of unfit artwork. Not many people bothered to to go the acceptable museum, but the line-up for the “unapproved” museum was so long, he had to close it down out of embarrassment.

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    1. With difficulty! In fairness, almost all the posts on FNH are reblogs which is pretty simple. On the theatre one, it’s either reblogs or articles written between 2002 and 2008 on my original Rogues & Vagabonds Theatre site which I just transfer. I’ve always been interested in far too many things. 🙂


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