Sail Away to a Party: Invitations #Repost

Thank heavens it’s two years later and, as some of you know, I’ve now had that cataract operation!

Sail Away Custom Invitation by FirstNightDesign

FROM THE ARCHIVE 17th April 2013

A lovely customer has bought 30 of these invitations, which makes up for the cataract operation mentioned in the earlier post being cancelled.  Right…

Source: Sail Away to a Party: Invitations

14 thoughts on “Sail Away to a Party: Invitations #Repost

  1. I got lost in that image, Sarah. I could do with sailing away to a party just at the moment. Well done with the sale of the card, and I hope that your eyes are a lot better now.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. I love the postcard, Sarah and I hope your vision sorts itself out. I am having a longer recovery than expected. The doctor says the eye has healed perfectly but sometimes my vision shifts, as though a contact lens is moving. The new drops are helping with the very dry corneas.

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    1. Thank you, Kerry. That’s very frustrating for you. All I can say is thank heaven for the ‘dry drops’, as I call them. I have something here called Thealoz Duo. The stingy ones (Acular) are the only other remaining drops this far ahead and they stopped stinging some time ago!

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