Art, for what purpose? – Just add pictures

One of the consequences of being a promiscuous book buyer is that books come into the house more quickly than they can be read. They sit in the ‘to be read’ pile until it becomes clear …

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9 thoughts on “Art, for what purpose? – Just add pictures

  1. It’s a difficult one. It’s true that no matter what the original intent of a work of art, what readers, or people who listen or watch the work of art get out of it might have little to do with what the artist thought. A ‘simply’ beautiful work of art might make us think and realise many more things than a more didactic one but…

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  2. I think art that is made for an audience, rather than from the heart, loses something vital. Today, with the internet, anyone’s art can certainly be seen. But I think one big problem with contemporary art I see today is just that: it’s made for “likes”. We all fall prey to it somewhat.
    I love a lot of the modernist stuff he is dismissing; to me that green Frankenthaler painting is incredibly spiritual and moving. I don’t see a disconnect from life there at all. Just because she isn’t proclaiming a philosophy or…well I don’t know what he wants art to do. You don’t need humans or even anything “recognizable” in a work of art for it to have meaning.
    Nothing is “new” anyway. (K)

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    1. You’re right, K, in that art of any kind that is created entirely with the audience in mind loses something. There needs to be a balance between the two, certainly when it comes to the theatre, for instance. We could debate forever and in the end, as I’ve said to Olga, it’s a matter of taste more than anything.

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  3. Oh yes, I know what it’s like to have a To Be Read pile. I keep telling myself No More Books until I read a significant amount of the books I already own. But, it’s hopeless…

    Aside from that, a very interesting discussion about art that you linked to. Thanks for that!

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