First Night Design | Get Well Soon @BeetleyPete!

Flowers of Sympathy Postcard
Flowers of Sympathy Postcard by FirstNightDesign

One of my dearest blog friends, Pete Johnson of Beetley in Norfolk, is in the wars so this is a special post to wish him well. Having said that, feeling considerably under the weather did not prevent him from writing a very funny post about his symptoms. Read and enjoy! We’ve all been there.

Take care and keep laughing!


10 thoughts on “First Night Design | Get Well Soon @BeetleyPete!

  1. Good morning, Sarah….I read and signed up for Pete Johnson’s blog….very funny indeed. It reminds me of something an old Irish woman (who became a good friend in the States) used to say….’If everyone hung their dirty laundry out, you would take your own back in’ I hope you enjoy a lovely Monday. Keep smiling…janet:)xxx

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  2. Sarah, I was touched by your lovely card and sentiments. Also honoured by my own dedicated post, on your esteemed blog. Thank you so much, my cup runneth over.
    (And my nose still runneth too…)
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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