First Night Design | #CoverMakeOver Week 5 — The Story of Alice by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 5 The Story of Alice

Julie Powell has chosen a fascinating book for Week 5 of the Cover Makeover Challenge — The Story of Alice: Lewis Carroll and The Secret History of Wonderland by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. This is the original cover which I like enormously.


The reviews below are taken from Amazon.

It is the ultimate book about Alice – comprehensive and scholarly, but so delightfully and elegantly written that it’s a true work of literature” (Jacqueline Wilson)

The Story of Alice is the best book on the myriad enigmas of Carroll’s heart-breaking wonderland I have ever read” (Robert McCrum Observer)

Superb…toweringly the best of the dozens of books on Carroll which I have read” (AN Wilson Financial Times)

Douglas-Fairhurst is a startling and exciting writer” (A.S. Byatt Spectator)

This is biography at its best” (Lyndall Gordon New Statesman)

Magnificent” (5 Stars, Charlotte Heathcote Sunday Express)

Fascinating ” (Book of the Week, Philip Collins Times)

I’ve done two versions this week. The one above uses Mr FND’s drawing (after Tenniel) of Alice and is, strictly speaking, a scene from Through the Looking Glass. Be that as it may, it works well. In fact, I prefer it to the second version which uses one of my earlier Alice images, which is a collage comprising a Carreras Cigarette Card from the 1930s with the facsimile of a page from Lewis Carrolls’ original manuscript published in an 1890s edition of Alice in Wonderland.

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 5 The Story of Alice

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Take care and keep laughing!


19 thoughts on “First Night Design | #CoverMakeOver Week 5 — The Story of Alice by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

  1. I love all things ‘Alice’ and so thank you for this one. I am off early the morning as am in the middle of a course at Hurlingham Club, Fulham. It’s an annual stint, which finishes next week….ahhhhhhhh:) Hope all is well and that you continue to keep smiling:):) Janet. xxx

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    1. Bless you, Janet. I used to live round the corner from the Hurlingham. One side of the family are all members! I used to go and watch my mother’s cousin play bowls there when he was in his dotage! Keep smiling. xxx

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  2. I have to say that I think all three covers are very good. Mr FND has captured the spirit of the original illustrations perfectly, and the author/publisher’s cover lends a mysterious air to the story. The use of the manuscript and cigarette card is perhaps my favourite though, as it provides that ‘vintage’ look that I associate with those books.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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