The East London Group Rediscovered | Spitalfields Life

The Arches, Mare St by Albert Turpin

When I first published David Buckman‘s introduction to his book From Bow To Biennale in these pages in 2012, The East London Group – one of the major artistic movements to come out of the East End in the last century – was almost forgotten.Four years and several exhibitions later, the East London Group is rediscovered and an enlarged and revised edition of David Buckman’s essential ground-breaking book is newly published.

How is it that one of the most innovative, commercially successful, and – in its time – hugely publicized British art groups of the twentieth century became neglected?  That was the case until…

Source: The East London Group Rediscovered | Spitalfields Life

15 thoughts on “The East London Group Rediscovered | Spitalfields Life

  1. Good morning Sarah….I absolutely love this painting by Turpin. Thank you so m much for this article……I need to learn much more about this school of painting. So many books to read, exhibitions to see, paintings to paint etc. etc. all we need in our lives is more time – our most precious commodity. Hope you enjoy a lovely day – and keep smiling. It looks as if our weather might have turned….we are into high pressure with its sunshine…what a relief. Janet. xxx

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  2. How wonderful that these works have been documented and revitalised. The views they offer are largely gone now, and the historical value, as well as the artistic significance is obvious. I especially admired the work by Hawthorne, that had an unusual feel to it.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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