First Night Design | Horloge Astronomique #Art

Horloge Astronomique © Sarah Vernon
Horloge Astronomique © Sarah Vernon

It’s amazing what you can do with just one vintage theatre curtain. I’m at it again, only this time I’ve made the curtain a sepia pinky green overlaying a tremendous photograph by Didier B of the astronomical clock at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg in France from Wikimedia. Another Wikimedia photograph of arches at the Sonargaon Folk Arts and Craft Museum, Bangladesh, lies over one of my grainy blue textures.

‘There are two kinds of clocks. There is the clock that is always wrong, and that knows it is wrong, and glories in it; and there is the clock that is always right — except when you rely upon it, and then it is more wrong than you would think a clock could be in a civilized country.’ — Jerome K. Jerome


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Take care and keep laughing!


14 thoughts on “First Night Design | Horloge Astronomique #Art

  1. This is very interesting Sarah. Before I read your post I really looked at the image and the longer I looked, the more magnificent elements came to light. Awesome design, I really like the texture, and deeply rich atmosphere. A draping theater curtain is perfect, love the two figures – the clock brings a certain mystique to the scene. Wonderful work ~

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  2. LOVE this, Sarah! Makes me feel like I’m at The Globe Theatre back in the day, waiting to see the debut of Shakespeare’s newest work.

    Also, so glad you included a quote from Jerome K. Jerome. I’m a big fan of his work – have read “Diary of a Nobody”, and just picked up his “Three in a Boat”, which I’ve yet to read. Truly a dazzling wit.

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