First Night Design | #CoverMakeOver Week 1 — Storm Boy by Colin Thiele

#covermakeover Week 1 STORM BOY by Colin Thiele
#covermakeover Week 1 STORM BOY by Colin Thiele

A New Year and an old challenge resurfaces under new management! Julie Powell, Photographer & Graphic Artist, has taken over from Desley Jane of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist and Lucile of Lucile de Goday to administer the weekly Cover Makeover Challenge and I couldn’t be more delighted.

I created this cover using Searching the Sands as my background before adding an Australian pelican photograph by Toby Hudson which I found on  Wikimedia. This I layered over the Sands image in Photoshop’s Screen mode.

The title font is Zapfino Regular, and the author and ’10th Anniversary Edition’ are in Skia Regular.

Synopsis – Storm Boy likes to wander alone along the fierce deserted coast among the dunes that face out into the Southern Ocean. After a pelican mother is shot, Storm Boy rescues the three chicks, and nurses them back to health. He names them Mr Proud, Mr Ponder and Mr Percival. After he releases them, his favourite, Mr Percival, returns. The story then concentrates on the conflict between his lifestyle and the externally imposed requirement for him to attend a school, and the fate of the pelican.

Click here for instructions if you would like to take part in future challenges.

Take care and keep laughing!


26 thoughts on “First Night Design | #CoverMakeOver Week 1 — Storm Boy by Colin Thiele

  1. I didn’t know the book, so was grateful for the synopsis. Given the subject, your cover is first-rate, and ‘tells’ the story to the reader before they open the pages. Excellent!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. I love the design and it’s very apt at this moment as have just battled storm Jake’s high winds and am now gratefully back at home:) By the way my son’s partner is down with the flu…as soon as she is back on track…they will do a photo session…….keep smiling and enjoy another day…Janet. xxx

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    1. I shall have to check whether Storm Jack was responsible for the high winds we had a few days ago – it sounded like the big storm of ’87! Thanks, as always, for the endorsement, and for the update on your son and his partner. I wish her a swift recovery. Keep smiling, my friend! xxx


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