First Night Design | Turning Windmill #Art

Turning Windmill @ First Night Design
Buy Turning Windmill @ Sarah Vernon at Saatchi Art

Inspired by the work of J M W Turner, I created Turning Windmill (yes, the part-pun is intentional!) by using one of my textures, one from Kerstin Frank and a photograph of a windmill in Estonia from Wikimedia.

‘Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on—that is, badly.’
George Orwell, Animal Farm

Buy Turning Windmill Tile © Sarah Vernon at Zazzle
Buy Turning Windmill Tile © Sarah Vernon at Zazzle

When I first posted about Turning Windmill in January 2014, I was not at all sure about it and had yet to upload the image to any of my galleries. But those of you who were following my blog at the time were enthusiastic and I went ahead and put it up for sale. I’ve become very fond of the image and am rather glad I left it as it is.

Turning Windmill Service Tray
Buy Turning Windmill Service Tray © Sarah Vernon at Zazzle

“This little piggy saved some water,
This little piggy biked for sun,
This little piggy used windmills,
This little piggy used sun,
And this little piggy squealed
All the way home.”
Jan Peck and David Davis illustrated by Carin Berger

Take care and keep laughing!



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Take care and keep laughing!


24 thoughts on “First Night Design | Turning Windmill #Art

  1. Is this beautiful or what Sarah?! I love windmills and yours has the feel of yesteryear, which is why it makes such a great tray, coasters and pillows (if you do that too). Has a vintage and cottage feel.

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