Parrot Fashion © Sarah Vernon - Buy from Crated

Parrot Fashion Framed Print © Sarah Vernon – Buy from Crated

I’ve been reading up about the different red-headed parrots, of which this is one, but I can’t begin to tell you which. The name on the original print from the Biodiversity Heritage Library that I have used, ‘platycercus’, seems to be a very general term, hence the confusion. I have combined it with several textures of my own.

Didn’t you always know that parrots were extremely intelligent? I give you this excerpt from

[…] researchers have shown what many parrot owners have known or suspected—that parrots can use individual words in appropriate situations. For example, studies by Brandeis University (USA) researcher Dr Irene Pepperberg on an African Grey parrot named “Alex” showed that these birds have an impressive intelligence—about the same as a five-year-old child. When Pepperberg’s research subjects spoke English, it was not mere “parrot fashion”. She said, “If I ask Alex … how many keys; he’ll tell me ‘two’. If I ask him what colour, he’ll say ‘green’ and if I ask him what shape, he’ll say ‘three-quarter’.” He was able to correctly identify 100 objects, do simple addition and identify seven colours, just as children do.

The article goes on to say that parrots can also behave like five-year-old children in deliberately choosing not to give the right answer even though they know it full well. Wouldn’t you just know it!

Parrot Fashion Laptop Skin © Sarah Vernon - Buy at Redbubble

Parrot Fashion Laptop Skin © Sarah Vernon – Buy from Redbubble

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