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When I was in a production of And Then There Were None in 1982 in the seaside resort of Southwold — I played the housekeeper who (spoiler alert!) dies in the opening scene — it was still going under its politically incorrect title of Ten Little Niggers. Even at the time we thought that was a bad idea, but the producer of this seaside rep was insistent.

I very much enjoyed watching the BBC’s giallo-inspired, and star packed, dramatisation of And Then There were None, released in the UK over the Christmas break. A superior piece of storytelling, the production was praised for re-invigorating the Christie formula, stripping back the fustiness to let the sheer bloodthirstiness of the piece shine through.

The series made me wonder whether “the golden age” of detective fiction as popularised in the 1920’s and 30’s in itself deserved something of a re-appraisal. Although extremely popular, the particular brand of English country house detective story epitomised by And then There Were None, has never enjoyed critical approval.

As Raymond Chandler put it in his classic essay on The Simple Art Of Murder, “the classic detective story, has learned nothing and forgotten nothing”.  While some authors may be better stylists than others, the same cast of…

Source: Agatha Christie and “cosy” crime | The Badger’s Sett

20 thoughts on “Agatha Christie and “cosy” crime | The Badger’s Sett

    1. No, I wasn’t the right age but when weekly rep (which it was) was current, they cast ‘as is’ from the pool of actors employed for the season so neither I nor the audience had a choice! I had better parts during the rest of the season. However, I was seriously miscast in Gaslight as Mrs Manningham. As my mother said, I’d have called the gas board long ago! Hugs. xx

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  1. I am so pleased to read that it was good. I saved all three episodes on the PVR to watch it in one hit, (like Olga) and almost deleted it yesterday, as it got so-so reviews. I will now look forward to seeing it.
    I would like to have seen you play the housekeeper, even for the short time before you met your demise.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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