Second ‘Mona Lisa’ Discovered in St. Petersburg – artnet News

The stream of news and discoveries about Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa are seemingly never-ending. In a shocking twist, it’s now been reported that a second version of the iconic portrait might have been discovered in a private collection in St. Petersburg.

Experts are now analyzing the artwork in order to establish whether it is a genuine work by Leonardo da Vinci or simply one of the many…

Source: Second ‘Mona Lisa’ Discovered in St. Petersburg – artnet News

18 thoughts on “Second ‘Mona Lisa’ Discovered in St. Petersburg – artnet News

  1. This last week there’s been an Andrew Graham-Dixon prog on the BBC about this. Using cunning new forensic photography they have also found another version UNDER the Louvre Mona Lisa – a much younger Lisa. Fascinating stuff. The programme showed that the Russian Mona Lisa was a seventeenth century copy after analysing the pigments.

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    1. Ah, I didn’t know that about the Russian version. Thank you. I reblogged about the scientist who said there was another portrait under the Louvre one about which the museum has declined to comment – at this stage anyway.


  2. That makes three. The Prado in Spain has a finished Mona Lisa that was most likely done by one of da Vinci’s helpers, but they determined it’s contemporary with the original Mona Lisa, has the same pigments, and might have some work on it by da Vinci.

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        1. Ha! I wanted to be Sally Bowles but in retrospect, it was Liza I really wanted to be. After all, Sally’s was a very sad life and in the original book, she wasn’t a very good singer. Mind you, Liza’s life hasn’t been a huge barrel of laughs. On reflection, I’m glad I’m me.


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