First Night Design | Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty © Sarah Vernon Greeting Cards

‘Sleeping Beauty’s earliest influence apparently comes from “Perceforest,” a French romance first printed in 1528. While not a Sleeping Beauty tale, Perceforest (1528) contains many elements similar to the later Sleeping Beauty tales. Some scholars debate the connection between the stories, but I believe there are enough similarities to warrant comparisons. You can read more about Perceforest on Wikipedia.

The next known version of the tale came from Giambattista Basile’s “Sun, Moon, and Talia” also known more formally as…’ SurLaLune

I thought it was time to revisit Sleeping Beauty, created with a vintage postcard from  The Graphics Fairy, and blended with one of my vintage postcard backs and a scan of a piece of coffee bean paper. I have used the design on several new products, as below.

Sleeping Beauty Pillows
Sleeping Beauty Pillows

Sleeping Beauty Party Favor Boxes
Sleeping Beauty Party Favor Boxes

Sleeping Beauty Note Books
Sleeping Beauty Note Books

Sleep well tonight. But not too well!

Available at the following galleries:
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Saatchi Art

Take care and keep laughing!


20 thoughts on “First Night Design | Sleeping Beauty

  1. Good morning, Sarah…Sleeping Beauty – one of my favourites from childhood and for that matter it still is. I love the image and applications. The pillow would be perfect for a little girl bedroom. Wishing you a creative and peaceful day and of course, keep smiling:) Janet. xx

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  2. Another beautiful creation. I remember really enjoying the old Walt Disney sleeping beauty film made in the days when cartoons where the results of hundreds of hand drawn pictures. For the same reason I love the delightful period feel of your work. Its so clever.

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  3. Nice period feel to these, Sarah, with the modern take on the old story. They all look lovely, as usual, though I don’t recall ever having had a ‘party-favor box.’ I will have to get out more.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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